European Central Bank (ECB) SDMX Flows

ID Label
SPF Survey of Professional Forecasters
ESB European Union Balance of Payments (Source Eurostat)
ESA ESA95 National Accounts
MFI List of MFIs
CISS Composite Indicator of Systemic Stress
ILM Internal Liquidity Management
IEAF Quarterly non-financial accounts, QSA by country
DD Derived Data
RA International Reserves of the Eurosystem
IEAQ Quarterly Euro Area Accounts
QSA Quarterly Sector Accounts (MUFA and NFA Eurostat ESA2010 TP, table 801)
GST Government Statistics
RAI Risk Assessment Indicators
BP6 Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BPM6)
EON EONIA: Euro Interbank Offered Rate
STS Short-Term Statistics
MOBILE_EXR Exchange rates
PSS Payments and Settlement Systems Statistics
BKN Banknotes statistics
SEE Securities exchange - Trading Statistics
IRS Interest rate statistics
SEC Securities
EXR Exchange Rates
MNA National accounts, Main aggregates (Eurostat ESA2010 TP, table 1)
KRI EBA Key Risk Indicators
BOP Euro Area Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Statistics
BSP Balance Sheet Items Statistics (tables 2 to 5 of the Blue Book)
YC Financial market data - yield curve
BSI Balance Sheet Items
EDP EDP tables
WTS Trade weights
ICPF Insurance Corporations & Pension Funds Statistics
OFI Other Financial Intermediaries
RA6 International Reserves of the Eurosystem (BPM6)
TRD External Trade
CPP Commercial Property Price Statistics
IFI Indicators of Financial Integration
RTD Real Time Database (research database)
DCM Dealogic DCM analytics data
BLS Bank Lending Survey Statistics
SAFE Survey on the Access to Finance of SMEs
MIR MFI Interest Rate Statistics
LIG Large Insurance Groups Statistics
MOBILE_KEY_8 Key euro area indicators (FM)
MOBILE_KEY_7 Key euro area indicators (GST)
FVC Financial Vehicle Corporation
MOBILE_KEY_6 Key euro area indicators (EXR)
MOBILE_KEY_5 Key euro area indicators (STS)
GFS Government Finance Statistics
MOBILE_ICP Inflation
MOBILE_KEY_4 Key euro area indicators (DD)
CCP Central Counterparty Clearing Statistics
MOBILE_KEY_3 Key euro area indicators (ESA)
FM Financial market data
MOBILE_KEY_2 Key euro area indicators (BSI)
IVF Investment Funds Balance Sheet Statistics
MOBILE_KEY_1 Key euro area indicators (ICP)
MMS Money Market Survey
RIR Retail Interest Rates
SSI Banking structural statistical indicators
RPP Residential Property Price Index Statistics
RPV Residential Property Valuation
CBD Statistics on Consolidated Banking Data
ICP Indices of Consumer prices
MOBILE_GST Government finance
ST1 Balance of Payments statistics, national data
SSP Structural Financial Indicators for Payments
ST3 Euro Area Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Statistics, Geographical Breā€¦.
RDF Risk Dashboard data
RDE Risk Dashboard data
SST Securities Settlement Statistics


22 July 2015