Mesos and YARN


System Requirements


Install Fedora 25 from Source

requires libapr-1 and libsubversion-1

sudo dnf install apr-devel subversion-devel
  • clone master branch of mesos, configure and build using 4 cores
  • need to configure path of mesos to environment variable, otherwise will put downloaded path and need to modify start script ./bin/, ./bin/, src/mesos-master and src/mesos-agent accordingly, including replacement of $PATH variable contents
git clone
cd mesos
mkdir build
cd build
make -j 4 V=0

create working dir and change permissions

sudo mkdir /var/lib/mesos
sudo chown -R xps13:xps13 /var/lib/mesos

start Mesos master (ensure work directory exists and has proper permissions).

./bin/ --ip= --work_dir=/var/lib/mesos

start Mesos agent in new terminal, visit the Mesos web page

./bin/ --master= --work_dir=/var/lib/mesos

run Python framework (exits after successfully running some tasks).



02 May 2017